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Uninstall and Installation of Xampp
Uninstallation of Xampp
1. Goto directory C:/xampp
2. If you have any project files then copy the folders htdocs and mysql and save the files in your choice drive
3. Now goto C:/xammp directory
4. In that click on uninstall file
5. This is very simple process by clicking next and next you can uninstall the xampp software.
6. It will ask you “Do you want to htdocs folder too?”.
Here if you have any project files you click on No or You can click on Yes
7. Now your software is uninstalled successfully and xampp folder is removed successully.
Now Explanation of Installation Process

Installation of Xampp Software:
1. Go to https://google.co.in
2. Search for Xampp Download. Here you will get a lot of sites. From first keyword you can see. apachefriends.org
Click on that link and you will enter into the site
3. Now You will get a lot of options. For me my system is windows. So I’m downloading Xampp for Windows.
4. Now Click on Download Xampp 7.4.11. After Downloading the xampp goto your download folder
5. Double click on xampp to Install the software.
6. Installation process is very simple by clicking next and next option you can install the software
7. I’m selecting the c:/xampp you can select you choice drive to install.
8. After installing the xampp run the xampp control panel
9. Here start the Apache and MySQL server. After clicking on Start you will get Green Color for Apache and MySQL Names.
10. This means You have successfully installed Xampp Software.

Running the project
1. After running the xampp. Close the xampp control panel and goto browser and Enter
2. Here From Title bar and Heading bar. You can observe your installed version of Xampp i.e., PHP Version 7.4.11. On scrolling down the page From Configuration Heading also you can observe the Xampp version.
3. Now to create Project goto c:/xampp/htdocs/
4. On htdocs folder create one project folder name it as test
5. Now open notepad name it as test.php and save it under C:/xampp/htdocs/test/
6. Now under test.php write php code i.e.,
/?php echo “Hello World”;?/
Note: instead of using angle brackets I’m using ‘/’ symbol. Please do apply greater than and lessthan symbols for the given ‘/’ symbol.

7. Now goto browser type http://localhost/test and click enter
8. Here you will get all files of test folder. Now click on test.php
9. Here output you will get is Hello World.
10. Now Your Project is ready
This is the Process of Unistall and Installation of Xampp software and Environment setup for project.

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