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Php Tutorials
Php Tutorials in Telugu

Introduction to php
Welcome back Guys, Myself Maharaja. Now I’m going to teach you php tutorial.

1. What is php?
1. PHP Means Hypertext Preprocessor
2. PHP is a Serverside Scripting Language Where as
3. Javascript is a Clientside Scripting Language
4. PHP is used to Create Web Applications
5. PHP is used to Create Dynamic Websites

2. What is Server?
1. A Server is a “Web Server” is a place where we built-in libraries & other important components in order to run our website on web

2. A Server is a place where we install/ upload our files/ folders in order to display online(WWW)

3. Web Server
Web Server Consists of
1. File Server
2. Database Server
3. Domain Name Connectivity

4. How users get information?
1. Users send the request to Webserver
2. Web server recieves the request and check the request data from Database server and File Server.
3. Database server and File server check the request. If the data available give back to webserver.
4. Again from webserver user sends the result to users.

This is the way of getting Information to Users

5. What are the Tools we are Installing?
1. Xampp
2. Sublime Text Editor

6. What we should know to learn this Course?
2. CSS
3. Javascript

7. What are the Topics we are going to Learn?
1. Installing Softwares
2. PHP Syntax
3. Echo & Print
4. Local Variables
5. Global Variables
6. Arrays
7. Data Types
8. Conditional Statements
9. Loops
10. Functions
11. Include & Require
12. Get & Post
13. Sessions
14. Cookies
15. Email
16. Filters
17. PHP File
18. PHP Errors
19. Image Upload
20. Special Commands

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