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Php Tutorials in Telugu

Download and Installation of Sublime Text Editor
1. Goto browser, Visit the site of Google and search for sublime text editor
2. From Here goto https://sublimetext.com/3
3. If your system is windows download Windows64 bit portable version
4. Click on portable version and start the download
5. After Downloading the file goto your download directory and extract the sublime text editor
6. After extraction goto sublime folder and click on sublime_text. Now your sublime text editor will open
7. Write html:5 and enter ctrl + E, Here we have to get html5 code but directly entering it we will not get the code. In order to get this goto
8. Tools Menu and click on Command Pallete shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+E
9. Here you will get search bar. On search bar search for Install Packge Control. And click on it.
11. After clicking it We will get the message Package control was Successfully Installed. Here click on OK.
12. Again goto Tools menu and click on Install Package Control(Ctrl+Shift+E). It will show “Loading Repositories” on bottom bar after loading finishes we will get a search bar. From search bar search for emmet
13. Click on Emmet and Emmet will install after installation will get a window of Package Contol Messages. Here you will get “Emmet plugin Installed” that means Emmet Plugin Installed in our Editor.
14. Now close the Package Contol Messages window and comeback to new window type html:5. Here also we will not get html5 code
15. In order to generate this goto
menu bar – Preferences – Package Settings – Emmet – Key Bindings
16. Click on Key bindings you will get 2 windows. One is coded window another is blank window
17. From coded window copy the following code
//”keys”: [“ctrl+e”],
//”command”: “emmet_expand_abbrevation”
18. Now paste it on blank window and remove the // and and add ‘[‘ at starting point and add ‘]’ at ending point
19. Now Save the file and close the windows
20. Now open the new window and write ‘html:5’ and press ‘Ctrl + e’ you will get HTML5 code successfully.

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